Not Just Another Day At The Office

View, view, view. Everybody look at the view. Ok. Now look at our design. Notice how it provides outlooks over New York City (and the tri-state area, for that matter) at every possible opportunity.


While traditional hierarchies of executive offices and meeting rooms line the perimeter, they are joined by unique areas that illustrate thoughtfulness to everyone's work environment.


The reception area serves as a break-out work area, event space, and lunch room. There are "plug-n-play" workstations- stand-up work space for one or two people to collaborate, or even take a private call.


The design emphasizes the core by ‘floating’ an acoustic wood ceiling, pierced by light-drenched columns, at the center of the space. The wood ceiling also helps with intuitional navigation- creating a rational and clear circulation path. Ceilings lift towards the edges- maximizing the amount of light stretching into the space and inviting movement towards, of course, the view.