Whip it.

Slightly slower than the speed of light is the entertainment industry. Though real super stars live here and we didn't sacrifice process or quality. We just drank a lot of coffee and moved faster... Speed. Sketch. 3d sketch. Hand to millworker. Real estate closing. Letter to Board. Done. Check. Measure. Mark up drawings. Start. Furnishings. Select. Colors. Coordinate. Upholsterer. Call. Answer phone. Millworker: when can I deliver? Art. New Art. Newer Art. Bigger Newer Art. Hold on. Tomorrow are you ready? Yes. Ok. Lighting. Light the Art. Replace faucets. Moving in when? Wallpaper. Delivery. Delivery. Paint-touchups. Tilt up millwork. Closets. Moving truck. Mop up. Flowers on table.


Then we stood with our hands up in the air, looked the judges in the eye and said "USA!"